“A Sly Beauty”

Medieval Menagerie Series


“A Sly Beauty” is a Hidden Picture Painting from the Medieval Menagerie Series. 

  • This Storypainting package includes a fine art print, a quote that compliments the image, short story (below) you use to “read” the painting, and a hidden pictures/hidden picture key
  • Available in both an open edition and a limited edition signed and numbered print
  • Limited edition size of 150
    Hidden Images: 12
  • Copyright ghost images are not on your print.


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The Quote

“How sweet I roamed from field to field, and tasted all the summer’s pride” ~William Blake 1757-1827

The Story:

A stunning red fox makes his way thru a beautiful pasture. Behind him, the arched ruins of an ancient castle with glorious wild flowers all around, remind us of the fleeting existence of things of the mortal world. Tiny kingdoms and castles dot the landscape, full of drama, life and death. In the distance, a giant cauldron and flame burn eternally on a falcon shaped mountain overlooking the entrance to a fabled land of mystery, magic, and great beauty. It is said that those that follow their hearts and venture forth into this land can learn the secret to being free of the physical chains of this world. That those that earnestly seek the truth, are shown the beauty of their spirits, the wisdom of the ages, and that love is the greatest power of all.


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