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Honoring Those We’ve Loved and Lost

Wendy creates unique and beautiful storypaintings to comfort those who have lost someone they love.

All God’s Children is a Biblical Storypainting based on Psalm 84, the shield displays the
verse… “ How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty”. The trees are made to look like
tears over broken hearts. This painting is offered as a memorial print, to provide a measure of comfort to someone who has lost a child. You can choose options to add a picture, placing lettering on the stone as well as lettering the heart on the tree.

The original painting was inspired by a comment the artist read, that of a woman who had lost a child. “This time of year is the worse time of year, because no one knows what to say, so no one
says anything at all, and it’s like the child never existed”.

Silent Night is an original painting designed to honor the memory of our US military personnel and to perhaps offer some comfort to their loved ones during the Christmas Season. It’s initial purpose was to be used as a card-front for Mountain Home National Cemetery’s Wreaths Across America Chapter. Silent Night can now be personalized with your soldier’s name and image.

Both pieces can be ordered in their original form, as well as personalized versions.

“I cannot tell you in words how this picture makes me feel. For 22 years I have had a small picture of my baby on my dresser, but the picture you made for me puts him in God’s hands. I know I will see him one day, and I am blessed to know that he is surrounded by all the beauty God has created. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for portraying him this way.”

~ Shannon


Our Memorial Storypaintings

“All God’s Children” Biblical Storypainting, Personalizable Children’s Memorial

Reflection of Psalm 84

Reflection of Psalm 84


“Silent Night” Memorial Print


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