Hold your Memories in your Hands

Artist Wendy L Wolf conducts personal interviews with each of her clients and from those conversations and their memories, she designs and builds for them a timeless work of art, one that can speak to their story for generations to come, a Storypainting.

A fascinating form of documentation, each Storypainting comes with a written narration that walks you through the image, hidden pictures and a key. Prints are available, so you can share your story.

We’ve created memorials, stories of family businesses, stories of life’s memories, adoption stories, school stories, and more.

Preserve your legacy… when it’s on the wall, the story gets told, over and over again.


“In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.”

Alex Haley 1921-1992

Legacy Storypaintings, share your story generationally, without technology.

Our Legacy Families

See what they are saying…

“I am in awe of how Wendy takes a collection of various memories from different family members and creates a beautiful painting of all the memories. Interwoven to tell the story of your loved one’s life. The special places, items and animals that are cherished memories come alive once again. When you hold the canvas or print in your hand it’s as if your holding your loved one again. Guarantee tears will flow. Wendy has a phenomenal gift.”

~Kimberly Henderson Clemens

From Sea to Shining Sea


“I cannot fully express how pleased I am with the memorial storypainting Wendy created for me and my family.

Although Wendy and I were childhood acquaintances, she did not know my husband. She took great care in learning about him through sharing of pictures and discussions about the details of my husband’s personality and his impact on so many lives.

The care she took in gathering information was a blessing during sad times.
I would consider Wendy an artist of words as well, the story she crafted to go with the painting was beautiful.

The end result took our breath away and is a beautiful addition to our home and a wonderful depiction of a beautiful soul and life.”

Tina Moon

Oil City, PA, The Philosopher

“Working with Wendy on our family’s Storypainting was a real pleasure. She interviewed family members and captured images, symbols, places, and activities that have great meaning to us. Importantly, all this works artistically and the finished painting is a treasure. It will be an important heirloom, one that passes family history to our grandchildren and great grandchildren.”

Don & Teeny Kuhn

It all Started with a Grey Raincoat


“My name is Margaret Moore and I lost the love of my life on April 26, 2018. He was a wonderful husband and a great father to our blended family for 22 years. We had 5 children between us. I met Wendy and fell in love with her. I really was impressed with what she could do with the Storytelling painting. She was so patient with me, I gave her a deposit but then did not actually sit down with her until almost a year later. I just couldn’t talk about his death but I wish I had done it sooner because she made it so easy. She talked to all the children too. The painting is wonderful and I am just thrilled. It was worth every penny, she worked so hard on it for me. It takes my breath away every time I walk by it in my home. If you are on the fence about doing something like this, don’t be, it will be the best way to honor your loved one. Wendy is so talented, God bless her.”

~Margaret Moore

A Big Personality

What to expect when you join our Legacy Family

We care about you and your story, and do our very best to bring your memories to life in a beautiful way. We want our project with you to be a fun & uplifting process that brings joy into your life. For those who are creating a memorial piece, we hope to bring some healing and closure, as well.


You will deal directly with our Artist, Wendy.


You don’t have to know what you want in your painting… just a general direction: memorial, family history, business history, etc.

You won’t be filling out complicated questionnaires. This is a collaborative project, you are going to talk and share stories and pictures. It’s pretty organic, we go as the spirit leads.

There will be lots of communication… various ways, phone interviews (we can video chat too), text messages and emails. We will want pictures, and invite you to share lots of them.

We can interview more than one person and incorporate their memories into a painting.

We will be writing you a narrative, which not only tells a story, but documents it. We’ll want to get the facts straight, so we will ask you to confirm some things, dates, spellings, etc.

Process, Investment & Sharing Your Story


We welcome inquiries, please call us for a brief no cost question and answer consult. You can also shoot us an email from this website.

How long does it take?

A collaborative effort between artist and clients, commissioned storypaintings are brought to life through a fluid exchange of information involving personal interviews (either by phone or in person) and the sharing of pictures, dates, research, etc., so times can vary. Typically this process takes about a 8-10 weeks from the time we start the interviews to the time we are completely wrapped up, for a standard sized art work.

When can you start?

That will depend on how many projects are in the line ahead of you at time of booking. We save your place in line upon deposit.

The Process

After we’ve discussed your project and are ready to move forward, you will receive a letter of understanding outlining the project parameters. Upon return of your letter & initial deposit, we will contact you, place you in our queue, give you a time frame & schedule your interviews. After we interview, we will design a rough sketch for you to approve, and upon your approval, the project will commence.

The Legacy Canvas

Typically, we create on 22″ x 28″ archival quality stretched canvas. We can certainly provide you with larger canvas options upon request. Our paint is fine quality, Lefranc & Bourgeois Flashe Vinyl Paint. This is the grandfather of acrylic paints. It is beautiful, vibrant and has a soft matte finish.

The Investment

The average cost of a 22″ x 28″ Legacy Storypainting is $5,000.00, split into 2 payments. one prior to start, one upon the completion of the project. These are custom works of art, so quotes may vary, depending on scope. All work is professionally photographed before it leaves our studio. We make available to our clients high quality fine art giclee prints in a variety of sizes. Each print is accompanied with the documenting narration.

What’s Next?

Find out what’s going on at the GodsLight’s Storypainting Studio. Get a sneak peak of our newest Biblical Storypainting, watch videos, see announcements, upcoming events, new partners, and more!

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