The Studio

Godslight’s studio is located in the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee. 

Here we are surrounded by incredible natural beauty and blessed to have a stunning view of mountain ranges that go on for miles and miles. 

The mountains are vast, permanent and yet ever-changing. There are days when ”smokey fingers” drift toward the heavens after a good rain, and bright clear days when dramatic shadows roll across the lush emerald waves of summer’s splendor. 

Fall brings forth a blaze of color, only to be washed away by winter’s cloak of white.

With each day a new gift of God unfurls before us, a constant reminder that He is the ultimate creator, and has the most amazing paint brush.

Wendy’s work is inspired by her personal surroundings, her love of God, country, and family.

 “There are a lot of people of faith here and it is a good place to be.” ~ Wendy

Our Team






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GodsLight Storypaintings are created using Flashe Vinyl Paint by Lefranc & Bourgeois on fine canvas of various sizes. Developed in the 1950’s, prior to acrylics, Flashe has vibrant opaque colors and dries to a beautiful velvety matte finish. It lends itself well to my painting style. As to the canvas’s, the story usually dictates the shape and style.



I say I “build” my paintings. There is a lot of “on purpose” structural stuff & planning that occurs before the brush ever hits the canvas. Research, sketching, possibly interviews and so forth.


When I start actually painting, the work is built using a time consuming color washing/layering process, with the big, foundational elements carefully planned & placed, and details are added freely as the painting progresses.

When the painting is complete, I write the narration that accompanies the image, and make the hidden picture key.

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