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A letter from Artist Wendy Wolf

Hello, I am a Christian artist. I am translating parts of The Bible into Biblical Storytelling Art, to be used as teaching and evangelizing tools.

They are literally “speakable images”, designed to cross borders (even into areas of persecution) and be used anywhere in the world, in any language, to move God’s word. They come with written narrations to walk you through the image, and contain hidden pictures that correlate with Bible Verses.

I have had a video made demonstrating this concept, in which I read ” Make Way” which walks you through Matthew 3-4:11.

Please note, you would never notice is is Biblical Art, and that is why I chose this piece to read.

God has told me I was to build his word for reproduction…

bright and colorful and containing no people (so anyone, anywhere in the world can put their own ethnicity on these) and not obviously Christian (some do carry a verse or a cross, but others there is no giveaway). The beauty of this is, if you don’t know the story, it’s just a pretty picture, if you do know the story, you can share it. So to the unchurched, it is nothing other than a pretty picture. To the faithful, The Word of God.

After watching our video, you will understand how it works

We borrow a little from the early church, using symbolism to hide from persecution, and also from the times when Churches hired artists to paint murals on the walls so the faithful could “read and remember” the stories of the Bible in a time when books were rare, and society as a whole greatly illiterate.

Reading of “Make Way” – Watch Video

My Hope and Prayer

My hope and plea is to receive help from The Church as a whole, either through exposure or financial gifting or grants.


My prayer is that these Biblical Storypaintings will help to spread the Word of God and share the message and teachings of Jesus Christ, worldwide.

Thank you,

Wendy L. Wolf


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