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We’ve put together a video demonstration showing you how to “read” one of our Storypaintings.

Biblical Storypaintings are designed to create interaction, they contain hidden pictures that correlate with Bible verses, and are accompanied by a narration that walks you through the image. You read the verses out of your Bible, then find the hidden pictures associated with them.

It’s The Bible, in visual form, which means, anyone, anywhere, can use it to share God’s Word. Just think of the possibilities! These are built to cross borders and go where The Bible can’t go, some even into areas of persecution.

Now you can use one picture to actually read, teach and preach the Bible in any language!


Wendy’s genre combines three elements from antiquity. She borrows from the early Christians who used symbolism to escape persecution, the church, which used murals to convey Bible stories to a largely illiterate public, and the tradition of oral storytelling, which exists across generations of man and culture.

Her Biblical Storypaintings create the perfect, flexible, visual vehicle to move God’s Word across borders.

The “hidden stories” can be displayed in plain site, shared in any language, to any age group, culture or level of Biblical understanding.

People Always Ask…


How did you come up with that?  I’ve never seen that before. 

Brothers & Sisters, God sure knows how to use your strengths and weaknesses… let me tell ya a little story.

When we relocated from Pa. to Tenn. I decided to “more or less” retire from painting commissioned murals ( paints and scaffolds get a lot heavier the older you become) and was looking to create work that was meaningful, long lasting, and would “speak” to as many people as possible. I had a storytelling genre, after all, and decided to focus on it.

But what to paint? I chose “The Bible” as my design inspiration. As a commissioned artist I was used to designing to fit a purpose and client, and the Good Book is full of lots of “design inspiration and direction” wouldn’t you say? And my oh my.. working for God is a good thing!!


God sure knows how to push your buttons…

I met a jury member on site prior to the event to pick my space. In the course of our conversation, I mentioned my Biblical works.

I was shocked when I was told they frowned on “that type of thing”, I mean huhhh???

We are in the Bible Belt after all. Then the individual said there was a place for “it”, which was in all the white buildings around here (churches).

Well I will tell you, I was smoking hot, and although my mind was screaming.. NOOOO that’s the problem, Jesus belongs on the streets!! somehow, I kept my mouth shut ( probably by the Grace of God) until I got in the car and on the phone with my husband.. then ohhh boy!

He asked if I was still going to do the show… and I said of course.. and my Biblical Garden Storypaintings would be there. If they were going to make me take them down, every one was going to know it!


And turn what was intended for harm to good.

Then I went home, and my outrage over this ( hair on fire outrage) spilled out onto canvas, in the form of “The Garden of Gethsemane”, my answer to “we don’t want ‘Christian’ things.”

Well, that painting took a couple months to build, and didn’t make it to the show.. but I did!

And I talked about that Biblical Storytelling Art to anyone who wanted to listen.

A New Awareness

Christian Persecution Worldwide

As an American Christian, we may experience “soft” persecution in various forms, but in other parts of the world, it’s anything but. Persecution is real, prevalent and can be deadly.

A good resource to get a handle on its enormity is the Open Doors organization.

They have a World Watch report which tracks Christian persecution world wide. The numbers are striking.

Spreading the Word

The church can’t use a tool it doesn’t know exists. Please share this page’s resources.

Wendy is available for educational presentations and readings of her images. Please contact her directly for booking information and availability. Learn more about Our Mission and help us spread the word through Wendy’s work by donating today.

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