Books are shelved, technology goes obsolete, art is timeless, Storypaintings speak…

Trademarked with the state of Tennessee in 2018, Storypainting is the cumulative result of 20+ years of freelance artwork by our artist, Wendy L Wolf.

This unique genre combines three elements. Wendy borrows from the early Christians who used symbolism to escape persecution, the church, which used murals to convey Bible stories to a largely illiterate public, and the tradition of oral storytelling, which exists across generations of man and culture.


A Storypainting is actually an original hidden picture painting and information “package” created to convey a story. These paintings are built to be spoken, in any language.

Each painting is accompanied by a written narration that walks you through the illustrated story, and a hidden picture key, showing the buried images contained within the piece. The hidden images relate to the story and encourage viewers to interact with the art and each other.

Think of it as a type of visual book, where all the pages are compressed into one beautiful illustration, to be displayed and shared.