A Grateful Nation


Freedom is Not Free: Honoring Our Veterans

  • ” A Grateful Nation”  is an original storypainting designed to honor the service and sacrifice of our U.S. Military personnel. 
  • Our inspiration for this painting is drawn from Honor Flight,  a non-profit organization dedicated to transporting our American Veterans to see the memorials to the wars they fought in in Washington D.C. 
  • Included in your package is a narration walking you through the image, as well as hidden pictures and a key. 
  • Turn around time will be approx. 2 weeks.
  • Copyright notices are not on prints.

This can be customized with a loved one’s picture, name, rank and branch of service. A wonderful way to honor your loved one’s memory.

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“A Grateful Nation”

Having created the ” Silent Night” painting for our local chapter of WAA in 2018 and then subsequently running an “inspired” fundraiser,  I  saw an opportunity for our artwork to help others in two ways.  One, a “heart way”,  providing people a way to both honor and “hold a little closer” someone dear to them by adding their loved one’s likeness and name to a  beautiful artwork,  the other,  a financial way, by dedicating a portion of the sales of the prints back to help others.

Reflecting on that, I decided I’d like to reach out to another organization and create a original work of art to help support their cause.

Honor Flight came to mind almost right away.  My earliest awareness of this organization was in 2013,  when the Obama Administration blocked WW2 Vets brought in by Honor Flight from seeing their memorials. It was something to see people moving those barricades out of the way and taking our heroes in… God Bless them all.

I reached out to our local Honor Flight Hub early in 2019. The woman in charge here in East Tennessee is Edie Lowry.  We had a nice long “get to know you chat” at a local eatery and hit it off right away. She is a super amazing person, a true gem and a beautiful soul. She loves those vets and her country and just WOW!  And dang, she had been there helping to move those barricades, now how cool is that???

I committed to making a painting we could use for fundraising  to help get vets to D.C.  I’ve got to admit, It took a while longer than I expected to get this project done. I had initially thought to do a simple painting along the same lines as “Silent Night” about the same size, 11″ x 14″.  It turns out there was actually so much subject matter when I took a good look at it, that I just couldn’t do the story justice in such an abbreviated form. I love history and this painting required some research, and once you start digging around, reading about memorials, poems, lives, wars, and looking at pictures, et. you can kind of loose track of time. Edie had given me a guided photo tour of one of their trips, and let me tell you, they pack so much into their visit it’s just unbelievable. Edie runs a tight ship!

She also likes her red lipstick and smacks her trademark kisses on cheeks with great joy… so y’all, when you see the lipstick kiss on the envelope in this painting,  that one’s from Edie! So here we are, in Fall of 2019.  I’ve gotten the artwork done, it’s beautiful and ready to go.  It turned out to be a storypainting… there’s 5 hidden pictures and a key, also a written narration to walk you through it .

Those things come packaged with your print.

God Bless You, and God Bless America


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